Red Valentino Fall/Winter 2016

Turning imagined situations into tangible realities is what personal expression should be about. REDValentino heralds such a view, with an open invitation to skip conventions, defy impositions, embrace contradictions and finally enjoy life with its many contrasts. This fall, the REDValentino girl embarks in a journey. She cuts through storming oceans, heading North to explore […]

the influencer network | publicity video

  Recently, I participated in a publicity shoot in collaboration with the Influencer Network (   In light of recent controversies surrounding bloggers in Singapore, eg. bloggers demanding freebies from merchants with threats of publishing negative reviews, the image of bloggers has somewhat been tarnished. A publicity video was put together by the Influencer Network […]

shanghai tang spring/summer 2014 | media preview

    Shanghai Tang (, traditionally known for its interpretation of chinese culture with styles such as the mandarin collar and ‘cheongsam’ for womenswear, is set to launch a refreshing vibrant and youthful Spring/Summer 2014 range, available January/February 2014.   The media launch, held at the picturesque ION sky lounge in Singapore, showcased the upcoming […]