Japanese small face therapy

The famous KOGAO – SEISAKUSHO salon has opened in Singapore. ”KOGAO-SEISAKUSHO” is a beauty salon specializing in small face, pelvic, beauty leg, shoulder width correction treatment located conveniently in central Singapore.

Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing this facial treatment which specialises in bone correction. The 2 hour session starts off with a detailed consultation with the Japanese master who explains the bone structure of the face and skull with the use of props. The master doesn’t speak much English so we have the help of the lovely owner of the salon, Aimee who translates the conversation into English. The master is very patient in his approach to hear the areas of improvement that I would like to see in my bone structure. I’ve always felt that I have a wide jaw (square face) and would like to slim this into more of a V-shape. He explains that there are various gaps between our bones in our face and skull and with his massage, he would be able to close these gaps leading to a smaller face overall.

After the detailed consultation, the massage begins. My face is firstly measured at various dimensions such as face and jaw width so that we can compare with the results after massage.

The best way I can describe this treatment is it feels like having a very firm massage on the face similar to one with a western chiropractor. The master uses his skill and gives a very firm massage on the head, face and jaw. I was pleasantly surprised that there is no pain at all and I enjoyed the massage to the point where I feel asleep at times. The massage took around 45 mins on all parts of my face and skull, while focusing on my jaw line too as this was the area where I requested for most improvement.

After the firm massage ends, the master uses a lovely in-house beauty serum with special face device to massage into the skin. Then, detailed measurements are taken to compare the pre and post treatment.

Based on my results, you can see that I have a reduction at various parts of my face ranging from -0.5cm to -1.1cm. This reduction is semi-permanent and should last for a long time, unless there are any major lifestyle changes.

I’m satisfied with my results, the left pic was taken before the treatment and the right pic was taken after the treatment. I can see the width of my jaw looking slightly smaller, which was the -1.1cm reduction.

There is a very useful Q&A on the website if you would like to find out more.

Overall, it was a worthwhile to experience small face therapy, with no pain at all, I enjoyed the firm face massage and took home some great results. Thank you for the amazing skills and service!

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