Red Valentino Fall/Winter 2016

Turning imagined situations into tangible realities is what personal expression should be about. REDValentino heralds such a view, with an open invitation to skip conventions, defy impositions, embrace contradictions and finally enjoy life with its many contrasts.

This fall, the REDValentino girl embarks in a journey. She cuts through storming oceans, heading North to explore frozen lands while letting her clothes be touched by local traces. But you know, maybe it’s just a fantasy she is enjoying in her hyper-connected world. Or maybe it is real journey. She decides, free from impositions. A journey, after all, is a process of discovery and self discovery: that’s all that counts.

I had the pleasure of attending the Press Preview of the Red Valentino Fall/Winter 2016 Collection in Singapore recently. I got to try on a few of these beautiful pieces too! x

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