Inside The Wardrobe of Miranda Kerr with Vogue

So, if you haven’t already discovered this, British Vogue has started an online series peeking into the wardrobes of some of our favourite fashionistas.

The latest episode features our very own Miranda Kerr showing her enviable closet at her Los Angeles home, and it was quite an insight.

Aside from showing her shelves of amazing designer handbags (some in two colours!), shoes and racks and rack of gorgeous dresses, Miranda tells us about her favourite pieces, what she considers to be wardrobe essentials (a black leather jacket – to die for!) and perfect fitting jeans (that hugs the curve your bum).  We couldn’t get past her collection of vintage Indian cotton dresses. Also noteworthy was Miranda’s response when asked what she would wear on a night out if she didn’t have a lot of time to get ready.  Her response was a simple effortless slip dress.

Click below to watch the video in full (cue closet envy).

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