A rare facial using Swiss Apples!

I had the pleasure of being treated to a 75min pampering facial recently. I must admit I am not one to have regular facials so I was excited at the chance of having my skin pampered when I heard that the key Ingredient used in my facial would be – Alps Botanical stem cells from rare Swiss Apples – the new scientific breakthrough ingredient ! Who would’ve thought an apple a day could keep the skin youthful too!

The Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment by HAACH is an advanced anti-aging technology which aims to:
– Stimulate and accelerate the regeneration process;

– Extend protection for skin cells under UV exposure;

– Boost the production of skin cells by protecting skin from stress and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles;

– Boost collagen production and plump up facial lines, as well as restore elasticity and hydration.

My facial included a Diamond Peel that exfoliated the uppermost skin layer to take away dead skin cells and to prepare my skin to receive active nutrients. Then a special probe was used to infuse active ingredients that boost collagen production deep into the inner layers of the skin. To seal in the goodness, a customized treatment mask was also applied to my skin. The treatment ended with a soothing shoulder and head massage that was indeed very relaxing. A thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would do all over again! Thank you HAACH! [This was a sponsored post].


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