digital fashion week: fyodor golan

The closing show of Digital Fashion Week (“DFW”) Singapore was staged by London based designers, Fyodor Golan. One of my favourite shows at this year’s DFW event, Fyodor Golan’s distinctive look is defined in the shape and textures of the designs.  Dresses were constructed in geometric shapes and silhouettes with a bright pop of color in most designs. 3D concepts were embraced with imagination as the styles were brought to life on the catwalk.


The designers describe their ethos as Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde with their collection exploring contrasts and colors. Embracing playful aesthetics and color combinations created the strong vibrant image of this collection.


The Fyodor Golan collection encompass a wardrobe for today’s global modern and iconic women – seductive, fragile and fearless.


Here are some of the styles that took to the catwalk at the closing show of Digital Fashion Week 2014:


DFWFG_1445 DFWFG_1514 DFWFG_1530 DFWFG_1551 DFWFG_1577 DFWFG_1632 DFWFG_1685 DFWFG_1730 DFWFG_1781 DFWFG_1807 DFWFG_1908 DFWFG_1962 DFWFG_1990 DFWFG_2037

Photo credits | VIILevant Photography