samantha wills & mcgrath foundation // morning tea

  032We were super excited and delighted when we received an invitation from Samantha Wills and the McGrath Foundation to join them for morning tea at the Samantha Wills headquarters in Sydney. 

Those of you familiar with Samantha Wills will know her as the local girl made good, having started making jewellery at home and selling them at markets in Paddington, Samantha’s star has risen fast and she is now based in New York City, with many of her pieces seen on celebrities worldwide and she counts Bloomingdales and Shopbop as two of her many stockists worldwide.

Throughout her journey, Samantha has remained grounded and down to earth and has always been very engaged with her customers, through social media.  When she addressed the crowd at the morning tea, Samantha explained how important the association with the McGrath Foundation is to her, that success for her, means being able to join forces with organisations like the McGrath Foundation to help those who are genuinely in need and to make a positive difference to those lives.

Following Samantha, Tracy Bevan, co-founder of the McGrath Foundation addressed the gathering and shared her very personal story of how she and best friend, Jane McGrath started the foundation when Jane was first diagnosed with breast cancer at 31, and the importance of having nurses who are specifically trained in the management and treatment of cancer and the vital role they play for patients with cancer and their families. 

Tracy also spoke about Curve Lurve, a national breast health awareness initiative designed specifically for young women.  The goal is to communicate the importance of breast awareness, and empower young women to care for their bodies and to embrace their curves. Curve Lurve encourages women to be comfortable with their breasts right from the start, and to make caring for them a priority and enjoy better health and wellbeing as a result. Attendees were also encouraged to visit the Curve Lurve van that was located on site to learn more about breast cancer. 



Following the presentations, we mingled and chatted about all manner of things.  The Samantha Wills team (in particular Lara) did a magnificent job organising the main table. It was signature Samantha Wills gorgeousness, full of beautiful fresh blooms in the softest pinks and creams and the yummiest macarons (from Laduree no less), delectable croissants and pastries, savoury quiches and the best looking vanilla sponge cake I’ve ever laid eyes on. And it tasted as good as it looked.  Check out the photos below.

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A massive thank you to Samantha and her amazing team of women – Rachel, Charis, Liz, Lara to name a few and Tracy Bevan and her Curve Lurve team for a beautiful heartwarming morning tea.

We came away with a greater appreciation of the importance of sharing our success with the organisations and people who genuinely need assistance, as well as the importance of supporting brands like Samantha Wills that go out into the community and make positive contributions. 

With strong tenacious women like Samantha and Tracy leading the charge, we can see customers being better informed and more conscious about the choices they make in terms of who and how they buy. As Vivienne Westwood says “buy less, choose well.”

 You can view Samantha Wills exquisite jewellery here

You can find out more about the McGrath Foundation here and Curve Lurve here

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