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Recently, I participated in a publicity shoot in collaboration with the Influencer Network (


In light of recent controversies surrounding bloggers in Singapore, eg. bloggers demanding freebies from merchants with threats of publishing negative reviews, the image of bloggers has somewhat been tarnished. A publicity video was put together by the Influencer Network to showcase the positive attitude and love that bloggers have for their craft.


The campaign hopes to encourage the local community to be supportive of the work of bloggers and to recognize the value of blogs in helping them make decisions on a daily basis. Bloggers from lifestyle, food, beauty and fashion came together for this initiative.


The publicity video, by the Influencer Network:


If you believe in the value of blogs, we would love to have your support. Please show your support in one or all of the following ways:

1. Share the Publicity Video on Facebook and Social Networks;

2. Use Hashtag #supportsgbloggers on Twitter and Instagram;

3. Sign the cause at :

Thank you for your support !


Below are some behind the scenes footage of the action:

 In this shoot, I wore full bloom maxi dress by designer Nookie ( and necklace by designer ByCharlotte (

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