digital fashion week singapore 2013 | its naomi campbell!


Digital Fashion Week. What an amazing event it was!


Held on 1-4 November 2013, this was the second year Digital Fashion Week was held in Singapore. It is the only fashion event which brings together Singapore’s top fashion designers into the one place where they are showcased to the world.


Digital Fashion Week is the world’s first live streaming event where runway shows can be watched by an audience around the world.  It is a joint partnership between DFW Creative, Youtube, Google+ and Twitter. What makes it more amazing is that runway looks can be purchased on ASOS marketplace ( with a delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks.


This year, Digital Fashion Week worked in conjunction with the British Council. This partnership brought international supermodel Naomi Campbell to Singapore where she walked in Singaporean fashion designer Zenchi’s runway show. Naomi Campbell was definitely the show-stopper where she walked 2 looks in the runway show. Guests waited close to 2 hours at the cocktail reception for the Zenchi show to start, but in my opinion, it was completely worth the wait! I was completely star-struck when I saw the supermodel on the runway. Here are a few pictures of the amazing Naomi Campbell at the Zenchi runway show:


Supermodel Naomi Campbell walking for Zenchi
Supermodel Naomi Campbell with fashion designer Zenchi
The pose by supermodel Naomi Campbell

Over the next 3 days at Digital Fashion Week, I attended several other runway shows and these were my highlights. The designs of the iconic Thomas Wee were bright and bold and caught my attention. Devyn Abdullah from New York, the winner of the TV reality show, “The Face”, was stunning as she walked in Thomas Wee’s runway show.


Winner of TV show, “The Face”, Devyn Abdullah


I was also captivated by the designs of Singaporean designer Rayson Tan for his label L’ile aux Ashby. This collection featured both ladieswear and menswear as well as accessories. I loved the floral digital prints that were a highlight in the collection. It was a unique look that I could definitely see myself wearing. Here are some pictures from the collection:

photo 4

photo 5

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2


After my 3 days at Digital Fashion Week, I thought that it was a wonderful experience to see the range of Singaporean designers at the one event where they were showcased to the world via live streaming. As a fashion buyer, I am always on the lookout for amazing new designers and there were certainly a few that caught my eye! Digital Fashion Week was a world-class event and an effort that DFW Creative show be truly proud of! 


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