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Some of you may have realised that I love getting my nails manicured so that they look pretty all the time. Since I was introduced to the ‘gel manicure’ a couple of years ago, I don’t think there is any turning back! A ‘gel manicure’ will last me around 4 weeks at a time, so I think it is great value, especially when my nails usually chip the next day if I use the traditional nail polish.I tried out the manicure and pedicure services at Absolutely Nails recently. Located at 136 East Coast Road, Singapore, Absolutely Nails is located at the back of the Feet Haven, the shop which fronts the main street. It offers the full range of manicures and pedicures.

I was treated to a lovely manicure and pedicure by the girls at Absolutely Nails.

My feet were treated to a lovely exfoliating scrub and massage, followed by a nice grooming session ending with a polish of bright magenta on my toenails. My hands were equally pampered and groomed and I chose 2 colors from the gel polish range to be applied to my fingernails.

Here are some pictures of my manicure and pedicure from my visit. A charming touch to this place is the ‘Picture Door’, where polaroid pictures of customers are put up on the wooden door for all to admire.


My lovely 2-tone ‘gel’ manicure
My bright toes after my pedicure
The wall of polish
The wall display
The chandelier sets the mood
The ‘picture door’…. can you spot me?
That’s me in the middle!

 A big ‘thank-you’ to the girls at Absolutely Nails for my lovely manicure and pedicure. It was a lovely session of pampering and I look forward to seeing you again soon! x


Note: This was a sponsored post. 

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